Jonas Landgraab's Bachelor Challenge

Jonas Landgraab is one of four quads and is the son of Tyrone and Lenora Landgraab. He is probably the quietest and most low key of the quads. Although he takes everything in stride, he wants someone special in his life. He decided to apply to be on "The One" but was rather shocked when he was accepted. To make it more shocking, he was asked to be the Bachelor - the star of the show.

Jonas' traits are Good, Good Sense of Humor, Family-Oriented, Nurturing, Friendly, Virtuoso, and Natural Cook.

I will be playing hands off unless I have to interfere to help them take care of their needs (you know how those Sims are) and if I feel that individual dates are needed.

I want to thank all the folks who generously submitted Sims to take part in this challenge. They are MischieftheKitten, Shafer249, ELIROC, LateKnightSimmer, and my daughter.

Good luck to all the ladies! Now, let the fun begin.

Part 1, Meeting the Ladies
Part 2, Getting to Know You
Part 3, In Sickness and Rocky Times
 Part 4, Chess Dates
Part 5, Those Crazy, Lazy Days of Summer
Part 6, Massages, Fights, and Pools
Part 7, To Flirt or Not To Flirt
Part 8, Clarity
Part 9, Finale

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